Name Change Woes

 Have you ever changed your name?


I hadn’t either. I just started the process two weeks ago after being married for 11 months. Whoops. I am a little late to the game.
It is quite a process. Social Security Office, Drivers License, Bank, Credit Cards, Job, Insurance, Everything.
I will sure be glad when I have finished changing it everywhere
One nice thing about changing my name is all the congratulations during the phone calls and in person. Haha if only they knew it has been almost a whole year.


Weekend Kick-off: 12-5

This week has gone by pretty quickly. Dog sitting for my Aunt and Uncle, First semester of Grad School wrapping up and birthdays for both me and Mister. This weekend is going to be spent finalizing some projects and just enjoying the time off.  Enjoy your weekend and maybe check some of these out.

This 24 year old has broken J.K. Rowling’s sale records.

Hilarious mash-up of an 80’s work out video and Taylor Swift.

Speaking of T. Swift have you ever felt Swift overload, maybe you need Swiftamine

That time Buzzfeed staff tried to emulate Kim Kardashian.

The ladies of SNL are always funny, this time with Back Home Ballers.

Carhing Up: Married Edition

The last time I blogged was before we got married so lets catch up briefly on life. 
Mister and I got married July 31st! It was everything we could have hoped for. We got to celebrate with all out friends and family. We have already said we would love to do it again! 

After the wedding we went to the Bahamas which was amazing and absolutely beautiful it was just what we needed after all the planning. 

As soon as we got back from the Bahamas. I had to go back to work, my third year teaching preschool. I also started Grad School and so my life has become very busy. There is catch up and be paying attention because I will updating my blog much more often! 

Kindness of Strangers

I have had this past week off of school it was our winter vacation. It was a really nice time except for one minor major embarrassing moment.
Baby Sister, a friend of hers and I went skiing a couple days ago, it was a fun day enjoying the mountain. We live close enough we have a season pass and live close enough that it is not a big deal to just wake up and head out skiing.
After a while we stopped for lunch and when I bought my pass I attached my debit card to it so I could charge to my pass, mostly for convenience so I wouldn’t have to carry around my wallet while skiing.
So I had brought a little bit of cash with me, but just planned on charging our lunch to my pass.
After the Baby Sister and I order our food we go to pay and I ask the cashier to charge my pass, you know where this is going, IT DID NOT WORK. The cashier tells me if I set it up online it only works at the Vail Resorts Ski Areas, not the one I was skiing at! Of course I don’t have enough cash and I don’t have my card with me. We starting putting some of the food back when this lady behind us says she will pay, I was so embarrassed and insisted that she didn’t need to. She insists and explains she is the Director of Marketing and understands it is very confusing which resorts the charge pass will work at when you buy your pass online.
It was an incredibly kind thing for her to do and I was incredibly embarrassed, I was embarrassed because I had the money for the meal just not physically with me at the time.  I am ever grateful for the kindness of strangers. We would have been fine with just the mac and cheese, we didn’t need all the food we had. Obviously I had never met this women before but she sure did demonstrate kindness.
Wedding update for those who need it:
We are slowly chipping away at wedding plans. Most of the big decisions have been made.
Bridesmaid Dresses-Check
It is going so quickly we are down to about 150 days until our wedding day! Craziness

Wedding Update


So it is time for a wedding update, there has been a lot happening on that front since James and I got engaged in November.
We have set a date: July 31st! Which is quickly approaching!
We have found a photographer, I have a dress(and it is perfect), I have a band to play at my wedding.
I am still working on a caterer and my exact colors which I will hopefully have finished in the next few weeks.
So lets be real for a second I was pretty much freaking out after we got engaged, because I have never planned a wedding before, where do you start, and then once we set a date realizing that July is pretty soon. This is what I looked like. AHHH!
The good news is many decisions have come pretty quickly since we have set our date and picked our venue. Since we don’t have an extremely long time to plan I feel like I have to be decisive and pretty focused and since I have most of the big decisions made.
So there is my quick update, I will be posting again soon about not wedding related things!

Exciting News

I have been out of the blogging game for a while. I will not make any excuses fact is life got busy, I lost interest in blogging. I needed a break.

So quick catch up and then exciting news.

I am teaching preschool, this is my second year it is going great. I will probably pursue a masters in early childhood special education. I am working on deciding on a school. I started doing crossfit it is great! I feel great!

So for my exciting news, I am engaged! Mister popped the question and I said yes! I was surprised and it was very sweet.

He came to my school at the end of the day and proposed in front of my whole class. My mom and Baby Sister were able to come, they took pictures the office staff and several other teachers were there to get pictures and video.

I was confused my prinicpal walked in with another teacher which was random but okay then walked Mister, and he asked, “Can I interrupt?”

I looked at him like really what are you doing here. My principal said “say yes he can interrupt” I then saw everyone else who had made it to my room and was like okay somethings up as I start to realize what is happening I begin to think “oh my goodness, this is not real, what are the kids going to do, are they going to stay still? are they going to run around and then well there are plenty of adults in here in case something goes wrong”

He stood in front of me and began talk about how much he loves me and likes making me happy. 
Saying things like I love you, I like making you happy, there are lots of things I would like to do in life, they would be better with you. 

Obviously my students had no idea what was happening 

Tears yep I cried

Will you marry me? 


The ring didn’t fit it had to go on my pinky. 
Obviously excited and still confused. I mean I still have kids to send off for the break. 
I was very surprised it was very sweet and slightly overwhelming with so many people in my classroom and the day not being over. Mister hung out and I sent my kiddos off for the day. I had almost all the teachers in the school come and say congratulations before they left to enjoy their Thanksgiving Break! 
I just want to point out a few things in these pictures. I have one student who totally knew what was going on and she was thrilled. 

On the left she is realizing what is happening and is clapping because she is excited. In the middle she is telling the other girls what just happened and they should be excited too. On the left she is just happy as can be. 
That is the story! I am very excited and am sure I will have more to blog about now that I have a wedding to plan. 

Catching Up

Quick Catch-up:

  • Four Weeks of School!
  • I am applying for Elementary jobs next year (haven’t heard anything yet)
  • The next few weeks, are busy with graduations and celebrations
  • I have to take a Elementary Test
  • I am going to Mexico in June! 
There are some quick updates on life lately! I have been busy and blogging has not been a top priority, but I am planning on making updates more often. 

From My Closet

I got this shirt on sale. I love it! 
I had this last week off and was not very productive, I mostly watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother. I started with Season 1 a few weeks ago and am all caught up. I go back to teaching Spanish this week! 
It has been a lot of fun. I already knew a few of the kids who are in the classes which is kind of weird but also a good thing. They haven’t tried anything too crazy yet, so I think it will be a good experience. 
My Baby Sister finished her basketball season, My dad coached her team and they were undefeated! Quite an accomplishment for a group of 3rd and 4th grade girls. They did awesome! 
I think the next few weeks are going to go by so fast, which is exciting considering I have some fun vacations in the works. 

Friday Favorite’s

This week has been a lot crazier then I had anticipated. The teacher I took over for had her baby Monday, so I started earlier then I had planned!(Mentally I had two more weeks) It’s been a busy week just trying to make sure everything is in place and all set. I am enjoying it so far. I have so much to share about that.
On to some favorite things!
Hello Giggles 
Please tell me you have checked this site out. If not go now!

The what others think I do MEMES
Just google, “blank” what I do meme in google, there are so many

Adele winning at the Grammy’s
I just love her

The little girl who used her stranger danger training to get away from a would be kidnapper.
See the video and find out more here. 

First World Problems…Life is Tough

Have a Good Weekend!

Catching UP

I have decided I should have a few regular posts. I think it will help me blog more often and know what to blog about it. So here is the schedule:
TUESDAYS: From My Closet-Weekly outfit post 
FRIDAYS: Friday Faves-links/pictures/videos of favorite things from the week. 
Three posts a week! I can do that! 
I have learned a lot while subbing and I am trying to figure out the best way to share all of that. I also have lots of thoughts about being at home now, but again I don’t know what I want to share or how.
Happy Monday!