Wedding Update


So it is time for a wedding update, there has been a lot happening on that front since James and I got engaged in November.
We have set a date: July 31st! Which is quickly approaching!
We have found a photographer, I have a dress(and it is perfect), I have a band to play at my wedding.
I am still working on a caterer and my exact colors which I will hopefully have finished in the next few weeks.
So lets be real for a second I was pretty much freaking out after we got engaged, because I have never planned a wedding before, where do you start, and then once we set a date realizing that July is pretty soon. This is what I looked like. AHHH!
The good news is many decisions have come pretty quickly since we have set our date and picked our venue. Since we don’t have an extremely long time to plan I feel like I have to be decisive and pretty focused and since I have most of the big decisions made.
So there is my quick update, I will be posting again soon about not wedding related things!

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